What Makes Us Different
is all about building productive partnerships

We give clients the best of big-agency know-how, judgement and experience. Our understanding is personal, our reactions timely.

We value fresh ideas and innovation, but we also believe in careful planning, research, and testing to ensure that the desired results will be achieved. At PS&A, creativity and accountability are part of our reputation.
Planned Success

Whether your concern is to manage a crisis or to achieve an important business goal, your chances of success will be better if you have assessed the issues and planned an appropriate strategy and a course of action. Decisions made under pressure are not necessarily the best decisions. With PS&A as your partner, you will have a clear idea of your options, and the full range of communication tools will be available.
Unique Solutions

Beware boilerplate solutions to public relations challenges. What worked with one target audience in one country may be a recipe for disaster in another. When you work with PS&A every solution is meticulously created to meet audience needs and your budget. Every stage of development is discussed in depth and approved to ensure accountability.
Brand Conscious

PS&A has been part of the brand development process for companies large and small. We have seen how strategic brand management can help build consumer loyalty, add value to products and services, and hold competition at bay. We have the experience, the tools and the passion that will help you to unlock the value of your most important asset, your brand.
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